You Forever

by Doctor Tuesday

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recorded on and off between april 2012 and april 2013 in saratoga springs, ny and easton, ct to tascam 488


released June 15, 2013

on singapore sling tapes

all sounds lovingly conceived/created/captured/contoured by doctor tuesday, except:

samples on jedno courtesy the conet project (5 note version czech lady and counting cia)
candy bullets and moon written by meredith monk, performed by doctor tuesday, with non-falsetto vocals by derek piotr (

all lyrics by doctor tuesday except:

candy bullets and moon (asemic vocals)
conclusion (an excerpt from the conclusion of "you forever" by lobsang rampa)



all rights reserved


Doctor Tuesday Saratoga Springs, New York

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Track Name: Jedno
silent static shouts
voices ringing out
on radio waves
make me feel afraid

dialing left and right for voices
speaking to the night
numbers in the air decoded
wonders no one cares

it was so dangerous,
it seemed to me

it seemed so dangerous,
so dangerous to be

you're not so dangerous (it seems so dangerous)
it's not so dangerous (living's so dangerous)
life's not so dangerous (i feel so anxious)
don't be so anxious (it seems contagious)

you're not so dangerous
it's not so dangerous to be
Track Name: Ghosts and Clones
numb's the throat and numb's the soul
and numb are the words we can't control
it doesn't matter anyway
but maybe it will make sense someday

there's no more going underground
it catches you turns you around
it's hard enough to face the fear
it's not enough to disappear

the space between the things we need
and things we want always succeeds
in resurrecting ghosts and clones
we dreamed of when we were alone

i want to
come down to you
i can't stay
take me away
Track Name: Playing Hooky on Judgment Day
hey hey, they say it's the end
but you know we'll never die as long as we can pretend
you're my buddy, i can always depend on you
to take the broken rocks and rebuild the earth

the day it was supposed to end we decided to skip
it was a pretty nice day aside from the apocalypse
the oceans boiled, magma rose, until there was no earth
but we made it through ok playing hooky on judgment day

now we have the whole world and a lot of time to waste
i'll face west you face east, and we'll call it a race
Track Name: Sunflower Seeds
remember when you told me
"let me show you the sun,"
the season for growing
had only just begun
it only takes a moment
to dry out in the sun
don't leave me alone
Track Name: Brow
i run around the Sound, i see all the colors on your brow
speak if you hear a sound that makes all the things you feel astounding
Track Name: Candy Bullets and Moon